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vagpower's Journal

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Welcome to the VagPower Girl Only Lj Community

A place to bitch about men

Simple Rules Here:

1. First rule of vagpower, you do not talk about vagpower

2. The second rule of vagpower is ...you...DO NOT TALK ABOUT VAGPOWER...(or the subject matter that we discuss on this journal...God Fight Club is a good movie)

3.You must be female to join & YES I'm screening

4. All enteries must be posted as friends only tht way we can bitch about men on livejournal without them knowing

5. NOTHING LEAVES THIS COMMUNITY! Bitch about men but let's not get all shady and go telling these guys

6. YOU must HATE MEN..and be infuriated..I will delete ANY comments/posts that are like "I'm so in love with my boyfriend"