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dating advice?

i <3 foamy the squirrel!

Alright you women out there, listen closly. These guys you should look out for, the type of guy who is driving around listening to fucking dance music like Zombie Nation and stupid dumbass songs from the mid 90's that no body gives a shit about. Y'know they turn it up really loud to get your attention while driving by as if your going to throw yourself on top of the car and start pounding on the windshield and say "Oh, I love you because your playing Zombie Nation!" Yeah okay. What the fuck ever. What you do is, aim for the tires and fucking blow those shits out and then he will crash into a telephone pole.

Fuck that shit, and watch out for those guys who come over on the weekend and all they do is watch football and then every five minutes they say "Hey babe, can you get me a beer from the fridge?" Fuck that shit! Tell that fat bastard to get up and get it himself. If he gives you a response like "well, I work all week" Well, you know what? I'm sure most of you women out there work all week and have to take care of a fucking child. Tell this fat bastard to get up and get his own beer. Tell him it's the least you can do since you've been carrying a child around in your stomach for nine months. These lazy fucking bastards just fucking piss me off and watch out for guys that call you by pet names more than they do your own name, and if they ever refer to you as "my girl" you drop that fucker like a rock and not to get down on all you guys.

My only peice of advice to have a sound relationship is to leave each other alone. Don't be overly concerned. Don't try to domineer them, Let them be independent. Let them do what they want. You think you people can understand that? but yeah, there are some reasons to be suspicious.
If it doesn't work out, you know what? Fuck them! Let them drop dead from some weird desease. And die. You're better than that and you don't have to validate yourself through another person's life. Every individual is an island and can be an islabd. You do not need a signifacant other to live life. So stop seeking somthing that isn't there and move on.
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